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"How long can a domestic cat survive in the Lo Desert?"
Installed 10/8/07. Uninstalled 10/11/07.

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"Reassembly Required"
Installed 10/8/07. Checked 10/11/07, still missing its head.

Checked 1/21/08, the bones have been disturbed.

Located 1/4 mile west of Hwy 95 at the California/Nevada border.

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"The Lo Desert Lodge"
Installed 10/10/07.

No longer located at N 34° 36.452'   W 115° 58.691', more details no longer to follow.

Meeting of 1

Meeting of 2

Meeting of 3

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"Toddler Kicking the Bucket"
Installed 10/10/07. Uninstalled 11/18/07, still kicking, bucket still empty.

4/18/08, Resurrected.

No longer located N 34° 33.807'   W 115° 48.172', kidnapped by an unmirthful BLM ranger.

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"Which Way are You Heading?"
Found 10/10/07. Checked 10/11/07, still pointing my way.

Checked 11/18/07, gone in the blink of an eye. Checked 03/16/08, Returned! Time to celebrate!

Was located at the intersection of Route 66 and Kelbaker Rd.

Currently residing on my front lawn in Burbank, CA. We performed a rededication ceremony the night before the Poker Ride.

Here is everything that has happened to the sign since I discovered it according to what has been recorded on the sign itself: Catalog

Definitely gone as of 5/3/08, probably on the desk of an extremely humorless BLM ranger.

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"Daddy Whore Buck!"
Found 10/10/07. Checked 10/11/07, no horse, no moustache, no wife.

Located 10 miles east of Amboy on Route 66 in front of the Road Runner's Retreat.


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