Roy's Restaurant on Route 66
Coming in the spring of 2008, a bicycle poker run from Roy's to the Roadrunner's Retreat Restaurant and back.

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Trail of Slime Productions Presents:

Get Your Fix on Route 66

1st Annual R2RRRR Poker Run

Saturday April 19, 2008

Start any time after 10am, be back at Roy's around 4pm

Amboy, CA

Flyer (pdf)

20 miles of fixed, single speed, BMX, or cruiser friendly riding in the beautiful low desert on Historical Route 66. 10 miles from Roy's Cafe out to the Road Runner's Retreat Restaurant and 10 miles back, 300 ft of easy climbing on the way out, 200 ft on the way back. 5 miles of extra credit. Fatter tires, 25mm and up are preferred, Route 66 ain't the smoothest and the extra credit has about 3/4 mile of smooth but soft off-road action. Easy ride if it's not windy, hot, or cold, or all three at the same time. In my experience April should be pretty nice out there.

This ride will be done in the spirit of Midnight Ridazz with possibly a midnight ride to Bagdad, CA on Route 66 Sat night, it will be close to a full moon. The theme is the Hardluck Casino, come dressed as your favorite shill, cooler, banker, dealer, mechanic, card sharp, cashier, whale, crossroader, eye in the sky, fish, flea, high roller, pigeon, shark, or a free drink!

Please sign up on the Google Group if you are interested in going.

This will be an honor system poker run. For those not familiar with poker runs along the way you'll pick a sealed card at each of 5 stops, KEEP THEM SEALED. There will be two SPECIAL JOKERS hidden in the desert that can be used in any manner by the lucky finder. Vague instructions on their general location and what to look or listen for will be passed on via the time honored tradition of verbal communication. There will probably be a few more jokers randomly scattered around, bring a bag or backpack because the jokers will be attached to things you need to bring back to the finish. Only one joker per rider!

And as mentioned, there will be an extra credit of 5 miles for the first few finishers. This extra credit will entail using the directions on the extra credit spoke card to find a secret spot where there will be extra cards stashed. So, if one does the extra credit and finds a joker at most you'll end up with 5 cards, a joker, and a bonus card.

Pick up a spoke card at 10am or later, ride the course, pick up your cards along the way, KEEP THEM SEALED, and turn in your cards by 4pm or so, and we will unveil everyone's cards at 4:30pm (these times may be adjusted closer to the event).

Prizes (NOT WORTH CHEATING FOR) will be handed out for Lo Hand Fixed, Hi Hand Fixed, Lo Hand Free, and Hi Hand Free. WE HAVE OUR FIRST TWO SPONSORS who will be combined for one of the prizes but I'm keeping the prizes secret until event day. I'm still working on the other 3. Oh, yeah, if you remember bring an extra dollar or two or spare change to stuff in the prize cans that I'll have for each of the winners.

This is not a race, explore the desert, that's what it's all about. But those who start early can search for the jokers, and those who finish early can do the extra credit. And then maybe ride some more, ride out and get 5 more cards even!

If you stay overnight in the area we'll ride on Sunday and/or climb Amboy Crater. The hike from the crater parking lot is about 5 miles roundtrip plus any scrambling you do on the cone. I found a route from our camp spot over to the parking lot which will add a mile for a total of 7 miles roundtrip. It's like a maze in the lava flow.

There's plenty of camping around Amboy Crater (primitive car camping, no tables, or bathrooms, and a very noisy train track that is in use constantly 24 hours a day), camping and hotels in 29 Palms 50 miles away (it's exactly 50 miles from the Motel 6 in 29 Palms to the start), and camping at Granite Pass 26 miles away. Camp Trail of Slime will be in the Amboy lava flow 3 miles west of Amboy. There is a public restroom in Amboy, it's open during the day but I don't know if it has running water. And there are very clean pit toilets at the Amboy Crater trailhead about 2 miles away.

Unfortunately this event is going to require cars for most people so car pooling is encouraged.

There is practically no cell coverage in Amboy, and Roy's may or may not be open by April. Roy's is selling gas and small bottles of water but the cafe won't be open for a year or two. There is also a vending machine with sodas. And right across the highway from the start there is a guy in a motorhome selling beef jerky and dried fruit. But that's it, the nearest town is 50 miles away, there is a bar/restaurant in Wonder Valley about 10 miles before you get to 29 Palms. Be prepared.

Over the next couple of months as time permits we will be installing Points of Interest along the route. Contact me if you'd like to contribute.

Oh, yeah, espresso shots at the start while they last.

E-mail me, Greg, for info.

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